Pose de volets Bever

In order to properly design your future shutter installation, our artisan carpenters are here to listen to you. They advise you on the different solutions that adapt to your needs and your budget. You can now request a quote and benefit from our professionalism for any shutter installation, whether you opt for a wooden shutter, an aluminum shutter, a PVC shutter, rolling, swinging or sliding. Contact us without further delay!

Thermal insulation

The choice of shutters is very important if you plan to improve the thermal and sound insulation of your home. We offer carpentry installation that meets all your expectations, whether in terms of insulation, aesthetics, mechanism, colors, etc. A wide range of shutters awaits you at Volet123 and these are well-experienced craftsman carpenters who advise you. Our team is also competent in the installation of double-glazed windows and French doors which play an important role in the insulating quality of your home.

Bever electric roller shutters

To benefit from the best carpentry services in Belgium, you can call on a trained carpenter like the Volet123 professionals. They are at your service at any time in the event of an emergency: blocked shutter, stuck window, crank turning in vain, broken shutter apron, etc. We provide rapid and effective repairs in the event of broken shutters and other problems related to woodwork. We also offer the installation of electric roller shutters of all types: aluminum shutter, PVC shutter, solar roller shutter, etc.

Traditional Bever shutters

Our carpentry company is at your disposal to advise you in the choice of your traditional, swing or sliding shutters. A wide choice awaits you, depending on what is important to you: motorized shutters, wooden shutters, window shutters, French doors, roof windows… We have in our team skilled craftsman carpenters for this type of work and able to move quickly in the event of difficulties: burglary, stuck shutter, shutter that no longer closes, deformed shutter… Discover our carpentry services!

Bever shutter motorization

For any shutter repairs, shutter motor repairs, but also other parts such as the shutter box, the strap or the switch, you can call Volet123 or send us an email. We respond as quickly as possible for any urgent repairs. Our role is also to ensure the installation of automation on existing shutters or to carry out a shutter replacement if you need to change shutters, when shutter repair is impossible. Contact Volet123 to install an electric shutter with or without a programmer if you want automatic opening or closing of your shutters.

Shutter prices

The prices for supplying and installing shutters vary depending on the shutter models chosen: shutter with integrated mosquito net, shutters and blinds, large dimensions, PVC shutters, aluminum shutters, with or without automation, manual rolling shutters, etc. Your carpenter craftsmen carry out careful work whatever the type of shutter chosen by the customer. We also provide the installation of solar roller shutters, equipped with an electric motor. Do you prefer shutters that open or close manually? We also have this type of shutter available, and even high quality models.

Bever roller shutter repair

To repair a roller shutter, it is often necessary to call on an experienced craftsman carpenter. It can act on any part involved in the shutter failure or shutter blocking: remote controls, switches, straps, tunnel box, wired control, etc. So that your shutters open and close again, we ensure rapid intervention and effective. If shutter repair is not possible then we can offer a shutter installation that meets all your expectations or even exactly the same. Is your centralization broken? We will intervene immediately to repair it.